The fact remains that we are going to organize two evenings of conferences and Samâa of Tariqas from Morocco on the 28th and the 29th of october. The purpose of these events will be to still have a diologue with the regular participants of the Festival waiting for the next edition. 

These evenings will be divided in two parts. One moment will be dedicated to discusions and dialogues through conferences and we will also organize artistic and spiritual moments through Samâa of Tariqas from Morocco.

Here are the themes of the events :

– Friday the 28th of October : « Sufism and Poetry »

– Saturday the 29th of October : « The 7 cities of love »

Please note that those events will be organized at a private level and are not the 10th edition of the Fès Festival of Sufi Culture but, for sure, the spirit will remain the same.

All the organizing team will be pleased to welcome you ! To subscribe you just have to click on the link below